Friday, May 20, 2011

bodoh ah

serious aku letih dah. Kali ni mmg confirm org yg amik. Sekarang aku dah tak tahu nak percaya siapa dah.

Dah la. Aku nk pindah rumah. Serious.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

wherever i may roam

i remember this one conversation i had with nad, my housemate. The conversation was about, if i have an unlimited amount of cash, what will i do about it. Lame u say eh? haha.
But it got me thinking.

If i have an unlimited amount of cash i will:


yes, quit my studies in medicine. Because i just, well.... tak minat. I like it, but i dont love it. I love physics.
U see, i didnt get a scholarship to further my studies in medicine. My parents paid for all the expenses. And i love them for that, it shows how much they are ready to sacrifice everything they have just for me.
But, that's not what i wanted.
Going there, and doing things im not interested in, all that has put me in a state of being so, unhappy.
But im scared to tell them this because well they had already spent lots of money n stuff.
I feel like i owe them.
And i dont think i can bare their disappointment if i tell them i want to quit.
So im just going to hang in there. Fake the smile, act like im so interested in medicine, and just face it.

even when it makes me extremely depressed.

p/s: i lied to nad about what will i do with all the money. I told her i would still continue my studies. and sorry for the poor grasp of english people. Two years of arabic and i already forgot all the lessons i had.

please pry it open, please.

Hear me

And if I close my mind in fear

Please pry it open

See me

And if my face becomes sincere


Hold me

And when I start to come undone

Stitch me together

Save me

And when you see me strut

Remind me of what left this outlaw Torn

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

where do i take this pain of mine


Thursday, August 13, 2009

but i really love u,dad..

i went to my parents room last night coz my dad asked me to switch off the lights in his room after i'd finished using the computer downstairs.

So around 1 am, i went to my parents bedroom. When i opened the door, i looked at my dad and saw that his cheeks were....watery?

I thought my dad was sweating coz it was pretty hot last night. But then again, his forehead was sweats at all..

Based on that observation, i concluded that he cried b4 he went to sleep..It's kinda hard to digest the fact that my dad cried becuz i only saw him cried like once in my life.
Tu pun time gi MRSM dulu.

I switched off the lights immediately coz i was afraid that my dad might suddenly woke up or i might made noises or sumting.

But i couldnt stop thinking about it..I kept asking myself did my dad cry becuz of me? did i do sumting to offend him? Did i hurt his feeling by any means?

I thought about wat i did that day. As far as im concern,i didnt do anyhting that could have hurt his feelings on that particular day..was it abt sumting at work?aarrrghh..

I didnt tell my mom about it. Coz i dont want her to get upset too. Or maybe she already knew about it and she wants to keep it as a secret?

hmmmm.....i dont know la.

Friday, July 10, 2009

because of my reckless driving, a frog died

ok, so i've been following this tv show called "the Biggest Loser" for almost 4 months now. And i cant get enough of it! The show is about a group of overweight people trying to lose weight with the help of two very hot-HOT- trainers. And at the end of it, the person with the highest percentage of weight lost will win 250000USD!!!!

The contestant will be grouped into 2 ; The Blue Team and The Red Team. The trainer for the blue team is Bob Harper. Now this man im telling ya,is the best example for the word "HOTSTUFF"XD
He is a great trainer and in my opinion is also a great listener. And for the red team, the trainer is JILLIAN MICHAELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE JILLIAN!! She's hot,tough,sexy and very bold. She trains her team like an army! "beatings,beatings and more beatings!" that's her motto X)

Rite now,im determined to get a body like her :P So im planning to do some exercise in the morning. But a question in my mind keeps preventing from doing so.. And that question is.....

"aku ni dah kurus tahap nk keding dah. Kalo exercise lagi, tak ke jadi tinggal rangka ke?"

I dont wanna look like an anorexic..i wanna look like JILLIAN MICHAELS X)
So i've been browsing on the internet about any exercise that i can do to shape up my body.
And of coz, to no avail -_-'

Oh,and the title of this blog has nothing to do with the content XD
But its true though. I ran over a poor frog :'(
Im a maniac driver im telling ya.

p/s: tht's the most decent picture of JILLIAN MICHAELS i could find. Sorry :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Had a bbq party last nite. Every one had to contribute something. My room(the B-1-2) had to prepare gravy for the mashed potatoe. Since im not a good cook(i cant cook at all XD ), i decided to leave it to my housemates while i just helped to "kacau" the gravy. We got the recipe from Datin's mom. It was pretty good :) No,no, it was VERY good. Oh,did i mention that we cooked using a rice cooker? creative isnt it? XD

To cut the story short, at 8.30 me n 2 of my housemates went to the cafe,where the party was held. We thought we were late coz the party was supposed to start at 8pm. But when we arrived, the place looked so full of.......chaos..... So i just gave them(ahli jawatankuasa bbq mlm tu) the gravy and then i went to see my friends :P

Soon after that,the party started. Acha n A Girl That I Dont Know Wat Her Name Is were the MCs. They first invited Ummi(pemilik medic mesir) to give her speech. After that Pak Ngah,bla bla bla bla bla ( i dnt remember wat happened after that coz i was busy talking to my frens :P ).

Then i heard the MCs said "OK,enjoy ur food" .

While i was looking n choosing my food i saw Fathi. So i said hi,we talked a little and then me n my frens went back to our place and started to eat.

There were several performance from the students but my fav was a drama performed by group....i dont remember which group. It was very funny,i laughed my head off XD

And i also like Syakir n Syakira's( i just realised y they performed together :p ) performance..

They sang a song from a movie( i think the title of that movie is Talentime). And Syakira played the cool X) Compared to the other performance, syakir n syakira's performance was the best. Everyone kept quiet while they sang :)

After all the performance, we took pictures with our Ustaz. Ustaz gave a very "touching" speech that i almost cried :p Shoutout to Ustaz: Dont worry Ustaz,i'll remember everything u said especially "cheat haram!" :p

When the party was over, we cleaned the place up. I helped to pick up the rubbish. I even picked up a "tapak kasut" -_-' Sape punye la tu.

I showed it to Bello n we both laughed our heads off XD

The party was very fun n im glad i went to the party :)

But it was pretty sad though, coz it also means that our premed course has come to end :'(

This week will only be exams n several bawwwwring lectures.

After that, we're all going to go home and not going to see each other again..

especially my housemates since im the only one who will be going to Alexandria..

*sob sob*

Perhaps we can meet again in Egypt?

To My Housemates: U GUYS ROCK ;)